How To Lose Underarm Fat

truth-about-abs-belly-fat1Need To Know How To Lose Underarm Fat?

It’s amazing how things can creep up on you. I am sure you remember a time when your arms were nicely toned firm and certainly couldn’t be described as having underarm fat. Sadly, if you neglect your health somewhat, things can soon can get out of hand.

Perhaps you stopped exercising, changed to a more sedentary job or simply started eating more of the wrong foods. Either way anyone of those could be the reason why now you want to lose underarm fat.

Firstly, there is no need to panic. You definitely can lose underarm fat. Although first of all I would ask for you to be realistic in your expectations and commit to a sensible time frame to do so. A couple of months following the guidelines below should see you lose underarm fat and not feel embarrassed about waving your arms in public anymore.

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OK, here is our ‘how to lose underarm fat’ guide that will help you lose underarm fat ina reasonable space of time and for good!

Before we get into the diet and training, you first need to realise why you have got underarm fat in the first place. The one single reason why you have underarm fat is that you have been creating a excess calories deficit on a regular basis. This simply means that you have been consuming more energy in the form of calories from food and drink than you have been using up through activity.

The good news is that this calorie balance (deficit or excess) is completely within your control! You have already proven this by putting on fat through creating a excess calorie balance. All you need to do now is to create a negative calorie balance/deficit to get rid of that fat.

The other key point to consider is that when you create a calorie deficit there is no way of knowing whereabouts on your body the weight/fat will come off. It does not simply come off the area of the body that you exercise. That is why doing thousands of sit-ups doesn’t burn fat of your waist. Instead weight will gradually come off different parts of your body in turn. The underarm fat may not be the first place it is removed from although it will come off there eventually.

The three best things to do to create a calorie deficit and lose underarm fat are:

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1)    Cardio-vascular activity – running, walking, rowing or swimming. Anything will do so long as you get active at least 3 times per week. You could start just by walking home from work or getting off the bus a few stops earlier. You could join a sports club to make it more fun or you could of course join a fitness centre. Exercise uses up calories and will help to create that calorie deficit. Just make sure you do it regularly.

2)    Eat healthy meals that are smaller I size more often. Instead of eating 2-3 times per day, try 4-5 times per day. Doing this increases the metabolic rate of your body which is the speed at which your body uses up calories. The faster this is, the more calories you will burn off even at rest! Just remember to cut out the fast food, sweets, fizzy drinks and so on.

3)    Pump some iron. No this won’t turn you into a muscle bound bodybuilder! What it will do is give you a touch more muscle mass. This muscle mass will then require calories in order for it to maintain its health. This in turn means that you will naturally use up more calories each day even when you are not training!

And if you want to try and firm up the underarm region two good exercises to do are: tricep dips – this requires you to perch yourself on the edge of a strong chair, bed or bench with your palms placed on either  side of your hips and your fingers wrapped over the edge. Now, walk your feet out until your hips are off the bed; your bum should now be off the edge of the chair. Now use your arms to lower the weight of your body slowly down until your arms at a right angle, when they are slowly push your weight back up. You will feel these in the back of the arms (triceps).

One more easy exercise to firm the underarm area is something called a tricep kickback. The start position for this is you bent over at the waist with legs slightly bent. You can use one arm to support your weight on a chair in front of you. Now with your other arm grasp a dumbbell (or other small weight  and pin your elbow to the side of your body. Now, working against gravity, slowly flex and extend that arm. Again you will feel the burn in the triceps at the back of your arm.

Remember though that weight training may firm the area, but it will not remove the fatty tissue on top of the muscle. To lose underarm fat there you must focus on creating the calorie deficit.

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