How To Reduce Waist Size Fast

lose inches off your stomachThe waist area is universally regarded as the most problematic area to burn fats from. Piles of cash is spent by consumers obsessed on trying to discover how to reduce waist size, diet pills or on the latest miracle weight loss machines in the hope of reducing waist size in this problematic area.

It is a sad fact that many people believe a slimmer waist is achieved by exercises that work on simply targeting the waist exclusively. It is a myth that exercise moves such as “torso twists”, “side bends” or even “hip extensions” will cut away the excess fats from the waist and hip areas.

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 In truth, the most effective waist exercises to reduce fats are those exercises which encourage the body to move into the fat burning energy system, also known as the aerobic pathway. This basically means doing exercises that are continuous in nature, such as cycling, walking and so on. These can be done either at the same speed for a duration of about 30-40 minutes or they can be done by interval training which is much more beneficial (read more about interval training here).

When these exercises are executed, a substantial amount of calories are burned. In the right circumstances and in the long term this can mean calories can come off from the entire body, including the waist and hip areas. Gradually, one will find that his or her waist length would be shortened and the stomach flatter. But note none of these exercises specifically target the waist area.

It is not possible to find a perfect exercise to “spot reduce” fat from the waist due to the very nature of the human energy system. The body cannot take fat and burn it from just one specific spot alone, it has to do so systematically from the entire body. At first for example you may lose weight from around the neck and chin area and only a few months later from around the waist region.

Waist exercises such as side bends, torso twists and hip extensions, are of good use in strengthening muscles around the waist and hip area. However, the fact is that these exercises are not meant for reducing fat from the waist and are not the answer to how to reduce waist size.

These waist exercises can be classified as anaerobic, which means that their main function is to burn carbohydrates which don’t come from fat tissue. However do not neglect these exercises though, as toning the abdominal muscles is possible with these exercises just be aware they won’t cause you to reduce your waist specifically. Muscles around the waist area will be tightened so that when the fat around the area is lost, the abdomen looks “tight”, thus forming the washboard look that so many people desire.

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